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Remote Productivity & Collaboration: Tools to Work from Home

Simple Solutions for Remaining Productive from Home

Keeping the organization running smoothly and maintaining productivity are proving to be a challenge to our customers. How can you communicate effectively, access files, or internal applications without spending thousands? We’ve put together a list of products to help you get things done when you can’t be at the office.Depending on how you get work done here’s a list of inexpensive but easy to use applications to get you through these trying times.​

They are broken down into 3 categories:

Meetings to update groups of individuals

Online meeting that can host 100’s of participants at once or one on one with potential clients.

Host meetings, chat and voice options with internal teams, and collaboration with files and other data all hosted online in once place

Primarily for continuing work when you need to communicate internally in groups.

Working directly with applications and data that are only available on your work computer.

This allows you to remote in to work directly on your office computer.

Telecommuting Recommendations and Information

Download a PDF of our Recommended Remote Productivity and Collaboration Tools.

ITECH2 Technology is not a reseller of Zoom or Splashtop. We just wanted to share what options we are familiar with in the communication and collaboration sphere of applications. These were products that our customers and associates have the best success with and are rated the easiest to use by end-users throughout our customer base. If you are a current customer and need these enabled on your connected desktops at the office we can assist you remotely. Especially items like Splashtop where you need access remotely to configure your work desktop.

ITECH2 Technology Can Help Your Organization Stay Productive

We’re here to help in any way we can. Please call us at 833-399-5557 or email at with any questions about these services, and reference “Remote Assistance Tools” so we can direct you to the right people to speak with.

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