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Access Control Systems: Design, Installation and Maintenance

Access Control: Physical and Network Security for Business

ITECH2 Technology is Los Angeles and Orange county experts in integrated access control solutions for physical and network security. We custom design, install and maintain access control systems to fit your organization’s security needs. From card readers and keypads to biometric access and intercoms, we install it all for your plant’s physical security. And our network security experts are ready to audit your current network, recommend a course of action, and implement industry-standard access control measures to better secure your business’ networked assets.

Benefits of an Access Control System

  • Protect your network. Our integration access control solutions guard against physical and remote access attempts to your mission-critical data especially when paired with our IT Surveillance solutions. Guard against cyber-attacks, virus and unauthorized or inappropriate access to files.

  • Secure your building. You decide who comes in and who stays out of any room, hallway, floor or building.

  • Protect your employees. Keep away any unwanted guests and criminal activity.

  • Protect your assets. Feel at ease knowing your most important assets, whether physical or digital, are more secure than lock and key.

  • Keep an audit trail. Quickly investigate any situation with automatic logging of access to physical rooms and digital files.

Access Control Solutions for All Businesses and Organizations

Whatever your needs, ITECH2 Technology is here to help improve your physical and network security. Call us at 833-399-5557 or fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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